The department offers ONE undergraduate program: BS in Microbiology Learning Objectives and Outcomes


Though microbiology is a basic subject it has diverse applied branches. Objective of the undergrad program is to provide broad knowledge of microbiology including both basic areas and applied branches like industrial microbiology, pharmaceutical microbiology etc. So, that student familiar with various aspects of microbiology and become able to determine and prepare for his carrier goal depending on his personal interest. In addition, undergrad program also includes some relevant courses like immunology, biochemistry etc. so, student not only gain access to vast knowledge of microbiology but also to other relevant fields which widen carrier opportunity for students. In addition to theory classes, practical classes and exams for each course are also attended by the students which make them accustomed with basic laboratory techniques in the field of microbiology. Incorporation of apparently irrelevant courses such as biostatistics, computer application etc. makes the student skilled in data handling, processing etc. Moreover, each student is given opportunity to do small research under supervision of faculty member. As a consequence, it is expected that after completion of graduation a student would.

  • Have overall basic knowledge about pure microbiology and ideas about relevant subjects’ area like immunology, biochemistry, human physiology, applied microbiology.
  • Be skilled in basic techniques in the field of microbiology, biochemistry etc.
  • Have good skill in data collection, processing, statistics, data presentation etc.
  • Be conscious of current trend and demand in industrial field related to microbiology.
  • Have good concept about the practical application of microbiology in daily life.
  • Be able to communicate and share ideas and knowledge in both Bengali and English medium with both professional and common people.
  • Have good skill in communication in verbal and written form.
  • Be good enough in basic computational skill and have knowledge in information and communication technology.
  • Be able to design a small project and do research.
  • Be aware of on-going researches in the field of microbiology.
  • Be confident to select suitable carrier for him.


Course Curriculum

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Admission Requirement

Students are admitted in the undergraduate program in Microbiology according to the University admission rules in accordance with guideline provided by University Grant Commission (UGC).