The department offers ONE graduate program: MS in Microbiology Learning Objectives and Outcomes


MS program aims at preparing graduates of microbiology competent for both conventional jobs and also for world class researches. This program is more focused in the field of microbiology. In one semester students acquire advanced knowledge in the field of microbiology and learn how to design a research project. Another semester is dedicated mainly for researches where student learn actually how to conduct researches as they have to complete dissertation and submit thesis paper. In addition they also learn how to write critical review on a given topic which makes them skilled in studying vast number literatures, screening essentials one and skimming the information. Moreover, as they have to present their research finding and to attend a seminar presentation, their skills in
communicating and sharing information are enhanced during MS program. Beside thesis group students, students of non-thesis group also get opportunity to do research in projects or to do internship in industrial organizations which make them fit for professional field.

Ultimately, it is expected that after completion of MS a student would –

  • Gain the advanced knowledge in the field of microbiology and relevant areas
  • Have clear idea about current prospects of microbiology in industrial fields
  • Can explore the opportunities for both research and job and can exploit those
  • Be able to design a research project in rational way and to conduct the research successfully
  • Be competent candidate for competitive job market
  • Be aware of most recent advancements achieved in the field of microbiology
  • Have innovative ideas to implement the knowledge of microbiology which has financial impacts

Course Curriculum

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Admission Requirement

Students are admitted in the graduate program in Microbiology according to the
University admission rules in accordance with guideline provided by University
Grant Commission (UGC).