COVID 19 detection

The NSTU COVID-19 detection lab was first installed in March, 2020. Since then, the lab has been conveyed by the department of Microbiology. This lab provides services to national epidemiological surveillance system through detecting of COVID-19 cases in Noakhali region. This lab also provides diverse molecular techniques to identify the etiologic agent of COVID-19, specifically SARS-CoV-2, hence, it holds all facilities including RT-PCR, negative and positive pressure room, biosafety and PCR cabinet, samples storage facilities (-20°C freezing and refrigeration system), to be considered it as biosafety level-2 laboratory. Since its installment
about 0.1 million samples have been tested to identify COVID-19 positive cases and on a daily basis, about 400-500 samples have been tested there. The service hour of this lab is between 9am-5pm, which was 24 hours during pandemic peak time.

Dr. Firoz Ahmed, Professor and Chairman of this department, is now the focal point of this lab. Besides, a group of enthusiastic people have been working out there and all the members have a proven track record in virology and epidemiological surveillance system, good in maintaining and handling highly infectious particles. This lab in now conducting many researches regarding COVID-19 and so on.

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Phone: 02334496526