Diagnostic Services

The diagnostic services in the department of Microbiology are available for reliable and timely services for patients mostly from Noakhali and adjacent districts. We strive to deliver a low costing, largely accurate laboratory services for microbiological and molecular tests for the benefit of the patient's health. Experienced microbiological staff, with top-notch training and degrees, currently manages this facility. Our Mission is to continuously strive for the highest possible standards in the provision of diagnostics services and in our educational and research activities.

Modern technology in our lab allows us to perform traditional and automated organism identification as well as MIC (Minimum Inhibitory Concentration) sensitivity testing in less than 24 hours. Additionally, it can identify the genotypes of various bacteria, fungi, and viruses that are resistant to certain treatment classes. Such enzymes include ESBL, Penicillinase, Carbapenemase, and others. Additionally, we may quickly examine any epidemics that occur in any region of the nation. Blood culture (aerobic/ anaerobic/ fungal), High Vaginal Swab (HVS), urine, stool, urethral swab, pus, all cavity fluids, and sputum are just a few of the cultures and sensitivity tests that are carried out at our laboratory. We do thorough tests of all bodily fluids, such as CSF, synovial, peritoneal (ascitic), pleural, semen, etc. The results of the physical, biochemical, and microbiological tests are described in the examination report. Here, testing for Adeno/Rota Virus, Gram stain, Reducing Sugars, Viral Antigen, Stool Examination, Stool Occult Blood, and Urine Examination are all carried out. We identify fungi using fungus culture.

Currently available tests:

  • Antibiotic sensitivity test
  • Pathogenicity test
  • Gram stain
  • Stool Occult Blood
  • Urine examination and culture and sensitivity
  • Stool examination and culture and sensitivity
  • Fungal examination and culture and sensitivity
  • Body fluids examination including CSF
  • Reducing Sugars test
  • Adeno/ Rota Virus tests


Contact us:

Phone: 02334496526
E-mail: microbiology@office.nstu.edu.bd